James Emmett Band began in 2017 as a live project for brothers and songwriting and production duo Justin James and Matthew Emmett Geraci. The brother's songs have been used in hit TV shows such as “Modern Family” and “Dancing with the Stars”, and new music is available on their latest EP 'Bet Against Me'.

Growing up in Cleveland, Ohio, coming from a strong musical background, Justin and Matthew were introduced to the music scene at an early age. Their father, Sonny Geraci found world-wide success in the late 60’s and 70’s with two Billboard #1 records, “Precious and Few” and “Time Won’t Let Me”. Justin and Matthew started collaborating together at a young age, and are carrying on a family tradition of making and performing music.

The name James Emmett is a combination of the two brothers’ middle names which were passed down from their grandfather and father.

Their music is an aural manifestation of the hunger for creative freedom and eventual clarity of purpose that results from years spent languishing in the corporate music machine.

The retro influenced, highly eclectic blend of indie rock and alternative pop reflects the need to express and connect with the listener through themes that are at once deeply personal but also universal to the human condition. With honest lyrics, soulful melodies and memorable hooks the music is both highly relatable while retaining emotional depth.